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YMMV: The New Lives Saga
  • Crack Pairing: Kyubi/Minako. It's so creepy, that no one likes thinking about it... reader or character.
  • Crossover Ship: Kakashi/Setsuna on the other hand seems to be rather popular among readers and characters.
  • Fan Dumb: There is one reviewer who keeps suggesting thing, bashes the fic, writes his own "better" fics and keeps missing the point.
    • He annoys Emma Iveli so much that she complains about him in her other stories and once killed him off in one of her other fanfics.
    • He has admitted that he thought Emma Iveli created the Instant Jusekenyo Water and demanded an answer how it worked, unaware it was created for the Ranma Manga.
    • To get technical, he is a mixture of a Toxic Visionary (as he belives that he can write the fic better than Emma Iveli) and a Perfectionist (as he often complains that Emma is not "treating the characters like she should")
    • He once told Emma what to with her [=OC=s]... That's crossing a line.
  • Fanon: The story uses the fanon name Arashi Kazama for the 4th Hokage. But to be fair, he was introduced before his name was revealed, but still.
  • Moe: Cerulean, one of the 7 Colors introduced in New Lives S is described as the perfect "Moe girl".
  • Ships That Pass In The Night: In chapter 9 of New Lives L, Kiba is paired up Fu (the holder of the 7 Tails), Emma acknowledges that that it can't happen in canon and has no idea why she like's them together.

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