YMMV: The Moonstone

  • Crowning Moment Of Funny: All of Drusilla Clack's narrative. Apparently even Collins thought so; he wrote those passages out during a very dark period in his life, and writing them out cheered him up enough to keep going.
  • Fair for Its Day: Although all of the protagonists describe the Hindu priests who have tracked the Moonstone down as exotic, frightening, and untrustworthy, Collins still presents their claim to the Moonstone as true and valid, and its eventual return to them is shown as the setting right of an old wrong.
  • Les Yay: There's a very strong connection between Rosanna Spearman and Limping Lucy. It seems especially pronounced on Lucy's side - she talks about how she and Rosanna were going to move to the city and "live like sisters," calls Rosanna "my darling".
  • The Scrappy: Mrs. Clack. Her Holier Than Thou attitude can be just a bit too close to real life for some readers.
  • The Woobie: Rosanna Spearman and Ezra Jennings.
  • Values Dissonance: The way Betteridge describes the treatment of his (shrewish and contrary) late wife.
    • Also the depiction of the Brahmin priests.