YMMV / The Mole

  • Cheshire Cat Grin: A challenge in Season 10, episode 2 of the Dutch version, the players could give jokers to their 'friends' or keep them for themselves. Sanne tells Tim she can only give him one joker (a lie) whilst displaying an enormous smirk. This may even have caused Tim's elimination that episode
  • Cult Classic
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Anderson's Funhouse, specifically when Al was in the Tiny Bubbles room.
    • Marc-Marie and Isabelle's interaction during the communciation challenge in Season 5, episode 7 of the Dutch version, with Isabelle not realizing just how loud a megaphone-amplified voice can be.
      Marc-Marie: YEAH, OKAY! "Isabelle's clever"...and deaf, too!
    • In Season 10, episode 4 of the Dutch series, the contestants decide to get back at Frits for choosing an exemption over money for the pot by stealing almost all of his luggage and forcing him to choose between keeping the exemption or getting his stuff back. Frits retailates by stealing their own luggage and hiding it in the woods until they return his stuff.
    • One challenge in Season 12 of the Dutch version required three of the four remaining contestants to disguise themselves so they could secretly photograph the fourth contestant. Tim's oh-so-subtle disguise? Putting on a brightly-colored flamenco dress and high heels and posing in plain sight at the town square. And then being shocked when Hadewych immediately tries to figure out who he is!
    • Immediately after Elavia takes the $50,000 bribe, Anderson returns to the other players and acts as though the execution will still take place despite one player already leaving. He gets a few words into his Rules Spiel before revealing it was a joke. The other players are not amused, but Anderson clearly enjoyed the prank as did a little dance declaring, "I love this game!"
    • In the retrospective finale of The Next Betrayal, a video confessional of Al has him saying how confident he is of his reads on the other players. He then muses, "I could be wrong. Somebody at home right now is going, 'You ain't reading nothing well! You're way off! It's Bill!!'" Needless to say, the assembled players had a big laugh at Al's expense. Even Anderson called it the best line of the season.
  • Elimination Houdini: The winners of seasons two and five, Dorothy and Mark, definitely had luck on their sides. In The Next Betrayal, Elavia accepted a $50,000 bribe to leave the game in place of an elimination. This spared Dorothy, who scored the lowest on the quiz that night and would have been executed. Mark failed the quiz three times and only escaped execution by finishing faster than the eliminated players.
    • Kathy Griffin also had luck on her side during the first Celebrity Edition. During the final episode, it was revealed that more than once, she had tied for the lowest score of all the contestants (including a couple of times when she didn't get a single question right.) What saved her was her strategy of completing the test as fast as possible, since the show's tie-breaker was who finished the test fastest.
    • In season 13 of the Dutch series, the Mole revealed at one point that if almost everyone hadn't been spared from execution in episode 4, Tania would have been executed as she had suspected the wrong contestant from day one. She most likely survived for two more episodes because almost all the other contestants were suspecting the wrong people too.
    • In season 14 of the Dutch series, Jan-Willem seemed to have an uncanny knack for avoiding execution in spite of repeatedly targeting people who ended up getting eliminated in the very same episode he voted for them on the test. It got to the point where it became unclear if he was just that lucky or if all of his alleged Moles getting executed were a clue to him being the actual Mole. Turns out that he really was just that lucky, as his luck finally ran out in the 8th episode.
  • Even Better Sequel: Fans generally prefer the second Anderson Cooper season over the first season, though both are well liked. Part of this has to do with Anderson Cooper becoming more lighthearted and jokey with the players than how he was shown on the first season.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Still popular in the Netherlands after 13 series.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Anderson Cooper filled this role a couple times, notably when he faked out all the contestants into thinking they were still going to have an elimination after Elavia's bribe. When he revealed he was just kidding, he started to dance around and sing, "I love this game!"
    • The best Moles will be this, as being a good Mole requires being a Consummate Liar and knowing how to set up their sabotages to be effective and yet subtle enough to escape notice or be written off as innocent mistakes by the contestants.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Rewatching a season with knowledge of the Mole's identity can be quite fun in seeing all the Mole's subtle sabotages and manipulation of the other players.