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* IAmNotShazam: His name is Dr. XXX, not "the Mad Doctor". This isn't helped by the fact that ''VideoGame/EpicMickey'' calls him the latter rather than the former, but it was done for a reason--[[HaveAGayOldTime XXX has a much different connotation today than it did in 1933]][[note]]In the 1930's, a XXX mark was a common marking for jugs of moonshine or alcohol in general, making the original name [[PunnyName a punny one.]] Today, XXX is a shorthand for highly pornographic materials, making his original name [[AccidentalInnuendo rather unfortunate sounding now.]][[/note]], so the character [[AdaptationalNameChange was simply renamed after the cartoon he hailed from.]]
** ''VideoGame/MickeyMania'' likewise refers to him as The Mad Doctor.
** ''VideoGame/EpicMickey'' goes so far as to have Dr. XXX yell at Mickey to, "Get it right!" during his boss fight.
* EarWorm: Any piece of music is heard in the shorts is this. The Doc's VillainSong could also count.
* NightmareFuel: '''''[[NightmareFuel/TheMadDoctor Easily]]''''' one of Disney's most chilling shorts, right up there with ''Disney/EducationForDeath'' and ''[[Disney/{{Fantasia}} Night on Bald Mountain]]''.
* VindicatedByHistory: While the short was apparently shunned in its initial release, it has retroactively become one of the most popular MickeyMouse shorts, to where the villain not only reappeared in ''VideoGame/MickeyMania'', but was given a prominent role in both of the ''VideoGame/EpicMickey'' games.