YMMV / The Lover

  • Complete Monster: The older brother in the novel. He crosses the Moral Event Horizon early on, as he is depicted stealing money from servants and selling items from the house to pay for his gambling and drug addiction. He has no redeeming qualities at all and mercilessly watches on as his younger brother Paolo gets sucked in deeper and deeper until Paolo dies. After the death of his mother, his first reaction is to sell all of her belongings. On top of all of this, he mocks and belittles The Girl and her Chinese boyfriend for their pairing and abuses The Girl.
  • Les Yay: The Girl in the novel speaks explicitly of wanting to make love to Helene. In the film they lie in bed together while talking about the affair, and when Helene fantasizes about sleeping with men for money, the Girl caresses her body and talks about how lucky those men would be.