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YMMV: The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
  • Awesome Music: June, Dennis, and Ray Ray singing "I Sing the Body Electric" from Fame at the end of "Enter Sandman".
    • In the show itself as it had Stewart Copeland (who most gamers may remember from his work on the first three Spyro the Dragon games).
  • Australians Love Juniper Lee: Got much better recognition down in Australia, so much so that the first season even got a DVD release.
  • Canon Sue: Lila in her human disguise can get away with showing amazing feats of strength in public without anyone finding it unusual, but June has to keep her powers hidden.
  • Moe - June qualifies for this quite easily given her combined status as a Badass Adorable and a Cute Bruiser.
  • The Woobie - Both June and Ah-Mah as a Te Xuan Ze are Blessed with Suck.
    • They get super powers and the ability to see the supernatural, but they can't tell anyone, not even other members of their family or close friends. Since the supernatural is only seen by them, they spend a lot of time keeping the balance and often they have to head off to do so at a moments notice. This often leads to conflict with those around them who don't, and can't, understand why they're acting so oddly, isolating the Te Xuan Ze from others. One of the biggest issues is that until another Te Xuan Ze takes over, the current one must stay in Orchid Bay and he/she can't leave until he/she reaches adulthood and has children who can become the Te Xuan Ze. Until then, they are bound to city, unable to go on vacation/trips/jobs outside the town or colleges outside of town. If their dream job is unavailable in the town, like Ah-Mah's was, then tough luck.
    • Ah-Mah suffered a lot from this as her only child did not become the Te Xuan Ze, meaning she spent twice as long bound to the rules and was only free after her granddaughter June takes over. During the show, she is often seen doing many wild and crazy thing that are not expected of a grandmother, but she does them because its the first time she has been able to in her life (well, at least outside of Orchid Bay).
      • Sort of. While she is certainly enjoying herself and Juniper claims that's why she does it, Ah-Mah is actually travelling the world trying to find a way to allow Juniper to leave Orchid Bay.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Having Dennis learn magic via roleplaying games because they're based on actual magic may have been a neat trick to make him good for something, but in Real Life, roleplayers get crap because of people believing their games have something to do with actual occultism. I hope nobody's parents got the wrong idea from this show.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Kai Yee was a rather competent, charismatic and interesting villain, being a former Te Xuan Ze turned rogue for a credible reasons, a potential Evil Counterpart to June and giving some development to the series' universe. However, he only appeared one episode and was never seen again.
    • It wasn't that he was wasted but that they didn't get the chance to use again before the show got canceled.

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