YMMV / The Legend Of Zelda Animated

  • Nightmare Fuel: As campy and corny as this show is, you gotta admit that the way Ganon speaks is kinda... creepy for a kid's cartoon.
  • The Scrappy: Spryte. Say what you will on Navi or Fi, they at least served a purpose in Link's journey, even it's really for gameplay purposes. Spryte serves no purpose other than to be an annoying pest with an unrequited crush on Link who keeps interfering with his attempts to kiss Zelda.
    • Link is not safe either. A lot of fans find his constant complaining, his catchphrase, his tendency to be The Load in a series he's supposed to be the protagonist of, and seeming to care more about getting a kiss from Zelda rather than helping others.
  • What an Idiot: It's easy to understand why this Link isn't the most fondly remembered because of moments of this. Zelda might NOT want to make out while her father is being kidnapped by Ganon.