YMMV / The Last House on the Left

  • Accidental Aesop: Both versions show why you shouldn't go off with a complete stranger and why you should stay away from drugs, even "harmless" ones like marijuana, but with the remake, it's considered common knowledge and a far less acceptable thing to do than back in the 1970s.
    • So the new Aesop seems to be "Don't be an idiot".
  • Base-Breaking Character: Junior in the remake, who was renamed Justin. Was he a compassionate and troubled kid who was the only member of Krug's "family" to have a conscience, or a derelict and wimpy Jerk Ass who set the whole ordeal in motion due to his defiance? Even though he had to been incredibly lonely and tormented by the horrific crimes of his father, uncle and father's girlfriend, the latter is still a valid point considering he was the one who brought the girls back to the room, even though Krug specifically told him NOT to do so, and had no rationalization beyond "I didn't know you'd be back so soon" when he got caught. During the moments of strong brutalization of the girls, and when he was able to shoot his father, he's only making things worse. Fridge Brilliance could say that he almost never stood up for anything or even tried to run away was because of being abused all his life. Still, people argue he should have known better. Plus the fact that Dr. and Mrs. Collingworth are so forgiving of him and that they lead him to safety with Mari also pissed off quite a few fans.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The scene with the cops and the lady driving the chicken truck. It managed to stall them long enough to be too late for anything.
  • Catharsis Factor: After two hours of the movie basically challenging the viewer to not jump into the screen and beat the three villains to a pulp, it is extremely satisfying to see Mari's parents take their revenge on them.
  • Complete Monster: Krug is the leader of a group of murderous rapists. After he and his gang escape prison for their previous crimes, they kidnap, rape, torture, and kill two teenage girls. The parents of one of the girls find out when the criminals incidentally stop at their house, leading to a bloodbath between Krug's group and the parents. Aside from leading a group of horrible rapist scum, Krug also brainwashed his own son and kept him hooked on drugs as a kid as a means to control him. Near the end of the film, he convinces said son to kill himself.
  • Cult Classic
  • Funny Moments: A behind the scenes one, as Wes Craven relates on the DVD that he was surprised how easily the house's owners agreed to let him film there...then realized he'd forgotten to let them know an actor would be walking around their living room with a running chainsaw.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Krug's brutal and sadistic rape of Mari counts in both versions.
  • Narm: The original has a fair amount. Hey, it's a low-budget '70s horror flick.
    • The bumbling comic-relief cops manage to wipe out most of the film's tension every time they step into the frame.
    • In the remake, Sadie crying a black tear after they think Mari's dead. Note that this is after she actively helped Krug in raping Mari, and visibly enjoyed it.
    • Krug, in the remake, believe it or not. As monstrous as he is, he tends to act like a cartoon villain 90% of the time, being so utterly, one-dimensionally evil and even downright silly in his ridiculously nasty remarks and hillbilly mannerisms.
    "WHADDJASAY, BITCH!?(spit flies out of his mouth) Now, WHUR... didatcumfrum... allavasuddin?"
  • The Scrappy: The two bumbling cops are universally loathed for constantly causing bizarre and inappropriate tonal shifts.