YMMV: The Killing

The Killing TV series:

  • Arc Fatigue: The fact that the show takes two full seasons to identify Rosie's killer really aggravated a lot of viewers, so much so that the ratings dropped sharply for season two and never recovered.
  • Ass Pull: Oh so much. Especially once it's revealed who killed Rosie. The actor's performance throughout the show until that point was certainly not what you'd expect from someone who knew they were responsible.
  • The Chris Carter Effect
  • Growing the Beard: The third season, which focuses on a new case altogether, has been significantly better-received than its predecessors.
  • Moment Of Awesome: "I'm not Stan." Said by Alexi right before assassinating local mob boss Janek Kovarsky. Alexi spent his childhood plotting revenge against Stan for killing his father, but after befriending Stan's lovely daughter Rosie, he decides not to go through with it. Thus, when Alexi finally learns that Kovarsky forced Stan to kill his father, his vengeance is swiftly delivered.
  • Nightmare Fuel
  • Shocking Swerve: A lot of complaints about the first season finale came down to one of these where it was revealed Holder delivered faked evidence that fingered Richmond as the killer. The second season made it clear that Holder wasn't aware it was fake.