YMMV / The Killing

The Killing TV series:

  • Arc Fatigue: The fact that the show takes two full seasons to identify Rosie's killer really aggravated a lot of viewers, so much so that the ratings dropped sharply for season two and never recovered.
  • Ass Pull:
    • Oh so much. Especially once it's revealed who killed Rosie. The actor's performance throughout the show until that point was certainly not what you'd expect from someone who knew they were responsible. Thankfully averted by the reveal of the Pied Piper, which had hints and foreshadowing leading to it, and it cast a significant part of the show into a new light.
    • Several of the clues also get this effect after a while, as it turns out Rosie packed about a week's worth of adventures into her final 24 hours.
  • Broken Base: The Netflix revival season has received a very divided reception, with viewers either finding the new storytelling direction refreshing and compelling, or boring, repetitive and unsatisfying. The fact that much of the drama hinges on Linden and Holder covering up Skinner's murder, which takes up about as much time as the season's murder case in contrast to previous seasons, has quite a bit to do with it.
  • The Chris Carter Effect
  • Complete Monster: Curiously, none of the main killers. However, a minor character in the third season, Goldie, is a violent pimp and unrepentant serial rapist of underage girls, who keeps a collection of pornographic videos of homeless teens forced into prostitution. When he catches Bullet searching for Kallie in his building, he holds her at knifepoint, then brutally beats and rapes her. Worst of all he faces no punishment for this, only for his illegal porn videos.
  • Fandom Rivalry: The Breaking Bad fans weren't happy with this show stealing its attention, especially when it looked like Breaking would get a truncated final season in favor of The Killing getting a bigger budget from AMC (luckily, this didn't happen).
  • Growing the Beard: The third season, which focuses on a new case altogether with a new supporting cast, has been significantly better-received than its predecessors.
  • Moment of Awesome: "I'm not Stan." Said by Alexi right before assassinating local mob boss Janek Kovarsky. Alexi spent his childhood plotting revenge against Stan for killing his father, but after befriending Stan's lovely daughter Rosie, he decides not to go through with it. Thus, when Alexi finally learns that Kovarsky forced Stan to kill his father, his vengeance is swiftly delivered.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • The Pied Piper ( James Skinner) crossed it when he snapped and raped then murdered a teenage girl. Afterwards, he never looked back and kept doing to to dozens more over a number of years.
    • Goldie crosses it when he attacks and rapes Bullet.
    • Holder himself felt he crossed this line when he stole from his own kid nephew to pay for his drug addiction.
  • Nightmare Fuel
  • Shocking Swerve: A lot of complaints about the first season finale came down to one of these where it was revealed Holder delivered faked evidence that fingered Richmond as the killer. The second season made it clear that Holder wasn't aware it was fake.
  • Win Back the Crowd: The third season addressed and improved many of the issues that plagued the latter half of the Rosie Larsen arc, resulting in tighter plotting, less Padding and a more satisfying and less nonsensical Reveal. Unfortunately, the bump in quality was not enough to save the show from cancellation.

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