YMMV / The Journal Entries

  • Fetish Fuel: Let's see: there are humanoid forms of foxes, domestic cats, lions, canines and skunks; centaurs, six-legged panthers; and blue-furred humanoids with tentacles instead of hands. You betcha Fetish Fuel.
    • Ken also expands his preferences (and partners) as the series goes on, ensuring that there's something almost everyone will like.
  • God-Mode Sue: Ken Shardik, an ordinary college student who becomes the most important person in the history of the universe — a virtually immortal, omnisexual heroic polymath who makes a career out of creating entire worlds and species. It's perhaps noteworthy that the Journal Entries are contemporaneous with Undocumented Features, since the concept of technology enabling young people to become God Mode Sues may reflect the early '90s Zeitgeist of college students starting to use the Internet for the first time.
  • Mary Suetopia: Pendor becomes the most powerful and technologically advanced civilization in this region of space, with free love, transhumanism, post-scarcity economics and Heinlein-style libertarian politics.