YMMV / The Joker Blogs

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In the early videos, the Joker admits to having mental issues, whereas in The Dark Knight, the Joker does not like being called "crazy".
    • The Joker's portrayal in the blogs is a lot more sardonic than even the Nolan version, which already took the Joker in a more sour direction.
    • The Joker's wink to Gambol.
    • He first admits he has them to Harley...er, Dr. Quinzel...specifically. Given what follows, in might have just been the particular 'in' he found with her. By series 2, her psychotropics-induced dream, which obviously would've been heavily influenced by their sessions both seen and unseen, casts him in the role of arbiter of what is the sensible way to live, and what is crazy.
  • Broken Base: A lot of people thought Further Evidence #4 was a bit too goofy for the Nolanverse.
  • Better Than Canon: "Near-Death Experience", and most especially its dream-state psych ward scenes, is quite possibly the greatest portrayal ever done, be it novels or comics, nevermind officially-licensed films, of the emergence of Harley Quinn. That the material was produced for an indie Youtube channel is almost...jarring, to truly realize.
  • California Doubling: Los Angeles stands in for Gotham City.
  • Complete Monster: Most versions of The Joker qualify and this is no exception. To name a few of his crimes, he kills people almost on a regular basis, holds Lisa Arkham hostage and threatens to kill her unless Dr. Arkham does what he says, kidnaps and torments both Nurse Pearl and Lyle Bolton, and he slowly and gradually manipulates Harleen until she finally snaps.
  • Crazy Awesome: The man himself, as well as the series overall.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Just like the movie that inspired it, so it's become a given.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Well, more like Crowning Moment of Terrifying - The Hall Of The Mountain King in Episode 12, for some reason, is far more terrifying than the Hans Zimmer Joker theme used incidentally throughout.
  • Fangirls: If you read the comments on the videos, be prepared to either laugh hysterically or weep in fear for humanity. Or both. Especially on Episode 5.
  • Fanon: In the absence of any Nolan-affiliated reprisal of the role, many fans have come to the see the videos as utterly plausible continuations to the story of the movie...to the point of Scott McClure garnering dead-serious commentary that he should be chosen as the actual movie successor to Ledger himself.
  • Foe Yay: Like in the film that inspired it, The Joker makes some stunningly suggestive remarks to Batman. "We belong together. There's a wedding ceremony upstairs, just waiting for us to make it official ..."
  • Fan Bonus: For the sheer amount of Shout Outs to other Batman continuities.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The Series II teaser trailer made use of The Bee Gees song "I Started a Joke" four years before Suicide Squad (2016) would do the same thing for the Comic Con trailer. The song even centers around Harley.
    • Series II, Episode 6 is called Lost & Found Footage. That title took on a whole new meaning when the episode came out after a 3 year hiatus.
    • The Mythology Gag about Killer Croc becomes this thanks to The Dark Knight Rises referencing Croc as well. When Bolton told the police about his encounter with Croc, they didn't believe him and thought he was intoxicated. Apparently, Gotham police are still joking about this years later, as in Rises, when Gordon told them about Bane's sewer hideout, they asked if he also saw giant alligators.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Axes and Allies: Holy shit, has Batman gone undercover in Arkham Asylum as Matches Malone? Holy shit, is that Two-Face??? Holy shit, did Two-Face just shoot Lex Luthor in the face???
  • Les Yay: It was a given that Miss Quinzel and Miss Isley would have a little thing going on.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The Dark Knight has cemented The Joker's MB status. And this just further proves it, it becomes pretty clear the only thing keeping The Joker in Arkham is The Joker.
  • Narm: In episode 5 with Dr. Strange:
    "You son of a beetch! How do you know zees things?!!
    • Probably played up deliberately.
    • Lock-Up's conversation with his ex-girlfriend in Further Evidence #4 seems unusually "goofy" by Nolanverse standards.
  • Narm Charm: By Episode 17, Hugo Strange has evolved from mildly narmy to absolutely hilarious.
    Damn you, 4479!
  • One-Scene Wonder: Whoever's playing Father McHale, he absolutely steals the scene.
    • A similar reaction was given when Tommy Elliot made an appearance, although he is played by the same guy who plays The Joker, so it's not so much "one scene" for the actor as it is the character.
  • Schedule Slip: After season 2, episode 5; the series went on hiatus for three years until the creators finally released two episodes in one night.
  • Special Effects Failure: If you pause at the right moment after the guard's fingers get cut off in "The Other Side of the Coin", you can clearly see that they didn't actually bother making look like his hand was mutilated: you can see the supposedly lopped off fingers clenched behind his palm and some fake skin patches applied above his knuckles to simulate stumps.
  • Squick: Again, several examples.
    • The Joker mentions that he once bit off a guard's finger in order to get the necessary red for his lipstick. Since then, he hasn't had any problems getting the staff to provide him with the makeup he wants.
    • The Joker leaving a dead orderly with a bow and a label as a present for Dr. Quinzel.
    • The Joker has a large white bow on the same shotgun he takes into the wedding - another of his gifts. When he pumps it, the bow falls off.
    • The Digital Download has some deleted scenes, including Dr. Arkham, having an understandable adverse reaction to the events of the night, getting a really horrible Vomit Indiscretion Shot.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Lex Luthor. His introduction is the big reveal of the series 1 finale, and he was secretly responsible for many of the events of the series, having struck a deal with the Joker to gain control of Arkham Asylum. Come series 2, however, he's seemingly shot dead by Harvey Dent without making much of an impact on the plot and it took three years for the next two episodes to be released, leading many to assume he'd become this.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The staff of Arkham Asylum, who do absolutely nothing to lock up Joker or improve security at all despite Joker outright murdering staff members and walking out of his cell at night. Really, it's less that Joker's a Magnificent Bastard and more of everybody around him being an idiot.
  • Uncanny Valley: The digital old-age makeup they give to Alfred in Season 2 Ep 7.
  • The Woobie:
    • Harleen
    • Dr. Arkham
  • Win Back the Crowd: Many fans were not happy with the EXTREMELY long wait for Season 2 Ep 2. When it actually did come out? It was 24 minutes long, won back most of the fans with the usual high quality, and now the creators have announced that the next two episodes will be airing next Saturday and the Saturday after that.
    • Regular updates at hit-or-miss quality, or massive waits for masterpieces that make you scream for them to be longer? You decide.
      • Then after the three year Schedule Slip, they finally release two new episodes in a single night, giving the fans half an hour of content after the long hiatus.
  • You Look Familiar: Several of the actors from previous episodes show up as different characters in Episode 17, including a barely recognizable Mr. J doubling as Tommy Elliott. What a difference make-up makes!

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