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YMMV: The Jerry Seinfeld Program
  • Ho Yay - Played hard in "Penis Size" where the conversation drifts from "Jerry" pointing out that the two have are very close friends, to the two acknowledging that they love eachother to wanting to see and measure eachother's penises.
    George: I love you now and forever Jerry! I wanna tell the whole world!
    Jerry: You sayin that you want to make it public?
    George: I do!
    Jerry: First we gotta make it (points at downward) private.
  • Seasonal Rot - Or so Carol Page claims in the first mail bag episode.
    Jerry (reading Carol's letter): Dear Seinfeld, you guys suck. What the hell are you doing to this show? It should have been cancelled 10 years ago! Now its just you and George standing there talking about the dumbest shit. Have you noticed there hasn't been a single joke on the show? You're sad and disgusting!

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