YMMV / The Jackal

  • Complete Monster: The Jackal of the 1997 remake is a Professional Killer hired by the Russian mob to carry out a public assassination of the First Lady, as revenge on the United States for playing a part in dealing their organization a blow. Being paid 70 million dollars for completing the mission, he has no problem killing or manipulating anyone to reach his goal, and his lack of emotion at anything including murder showcases his complete Lack of Empathy. He orders a remote-controlled machine gun built which he then tests on the guy he hired to build a mount for it, blowing off his arm before tearing him down completely. With the authorities on his tail, he seduces a gay man to infiltrate the country and casually shoots him when the man sees his face on the news. When he learns that the FBI enlisted the help of an atoning former IRA militant to catch him, he tries to execute the man's old flame to prove that he can't protect those he loves, but ends up killing several agents instead. When his plan is foiled he tries to escape with a hostage before he's finally killed.
  • Squick:
    • Jack Black's character getting his arm blown off by the Jackal's BFG. If you look closely, you can see it lying on the ground in a few shots.
    • Earlier, when the Jackal is getting chased by some few men at the underground parking lot, he sprays some poisonous liquid on his license plate. One of said Mooks sadly (not knowing what's on that plate) touches it, foam comes out his mouth before he chokes to death.