YMMV / The Invisibles

  • Harsher in Hindsight: In Volume 2, Issue 2, Jolly Roger tells Mob, Robin, and Boy that mind-control nanotech was put in polio vaccines. If Morrison really thinks he was casting a spell, did he intend to magically spur the anti-vaccination movement and the resurgence of polio in several countries?
  • Older Than They Think: Morrison has a grudge with the Wachowskis over the thematic similarities between this and The Matrix. At any rate, The Invisibles got there first on quite a few things.
    • Sources disagree on exactly how grudgeful Morrison is; in one interview he claims that The Matrix is a sign that The Invisibles is working as intended, changing the world to suit him.
    • Ironically, Michael Moorcock developed his own longstanding grudge against Morrison because he feels that King Mob/Gideon Stargrave is a flat ripoff of Jerry Cornelius and that he wasn't given the proper credit from Morrison unlike other writers who've taken from his ideas.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Is it ever! This trope tends to follow Morrison wherever he goes, but The Invisibles in particular is without a doubt his most incomprehensible work to date.