YMMV / The Invisibles

  • Fair for Its Day: The way the text handles Lord Fanny seems to think that gay men and trans women are one and the same. Characters often refer to Fanny as a "he" or a "Drag Queen". When it is made very plainly through out the series that she is in fact trans woman. At the time of publication (1994-1999) this was actually very progressive as representation of either group was nearly non existent in comics.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In Volume 2, Issue 2, Jolly Roger tells Mob, Robin, and Boy that mind-control nanotech was put in polio vaccines. If Morrison really thinks he was casting a spell, did he intend to magically spur the anti-vaccination movement and the resurgence of polio in several countries?
    • In issue 22 of the second volume, it's revealed Donald Trump runs for president in 2016. The issue came out in 1999.
  • Nightmare Fuel: There are several examples, primarily from the Outer Church.
    • Orlando: an Axe-Crazy demon whose favorite hobbies include cutting off people's fingers, slaughtering entire familes for fun, and most disturbingly, flaying people's faces to wear as a mask.
    • What the Outer Church does to those who undergo "modification". They are castrated, stripped of their willpower and identity and have their bodies turned into living weapons for Eldritch Abominations who delight in degradation and submission.
    • Lord Fanny's rape. Imagine arriving a house full of men in animal masks who are then told they can do whatever they want to you and then proceed to exactly that while simultaneously shooting a woman in the head and brutally beat and rape you. That's not even getting into the forest spirit who they have crucified in the same room. The poor spirit is so traumatized and twisted by what he becomes Mr. Quimper.
    • The victims of Unitol Pharmaceuticals. Not only are they dealing with the loss of their loved ones from a drug over dose, but those same loved ones are then possessed by the bored of directors and raised as zombies for no other purpose but to rape and murder the zombie's family members. The reason they do all of this? a combination of Racism and the sheer rush of it.
  • Older Than They Think: Morrison has a grudge with the Wachowskis over the thematic similarities between this and The Matrix. At any rate, The Invisibles got there first on quite a few things.
    • Sources disagree on exactly how grudgeful Morrison is; in one interview he claims that The Matrix is a sign that The Invisibles is working as intended, changing the world to suit him.
    • Ironically, Michael Moorcock developed his own longstanding grudge against Morrison because he feels that King Mob/Gideon Stargrave is a flat ripoff of Jerry Cornelius and that he wasn't given the proper credit from Morrison unlike other writers who've taken from his ideas.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Is it ever! This trope tends to follow Morrison wherever he goes, but The Invisibles in particular is without a doubt his most incomprehensible work to date.