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YMMV: The Invisible
  • BLAM: The final scene is pointless and makes the film a lot more depressing.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: See Black Humor on the main article page.
  • Fix Fic: Try to find a story where Annie dies.
  • Nightmare Fuel: How would you like to be a disembodied spirit who can be heard only by someone who tried to kill you, knowing that you're dying, and watching everyone around you fall apart because they think you're already dead?
  • Retroactive Recognition: Justin Chatwin played Tom Cruise's son in The War of the Worlds remake, and Goku in Dragonball Evolution.
  • Tear Jerker: Oh, so many. Nick's mother realizing she didn't actually know her own son. Nick's mother breaking down at her desk. Annie looking through Nick's things. Annie saying goodbye to Victor. Annie finally getting to Nick's room at the hospital. The epilogue.
    • "I Will Follow You Into the Dark". Full stop.
  • Wangst: Part of Nick's character development is discovering that he's not the only one suffering, and other people have it worse.

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