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YMMV: The Howling
  • Adaptation Displacement: ... what book?
  • Awesome Music: Babel's "Howling" during the end credits of Howling 2 - not that anyone was really paying attention.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: For some, Elisabeth Brook's full-frontal nude scene was the most memorable thing about the film.
  • Complete Monster: Eddie Quist, dubbed “Eddie The Mangler” by the press, is a particularly sadistic werewolf who terrorizes the city of Los Angeles as a serial killer and serial rapist. Unlike the other werewolves in the colony he hails from, who are perfectly fine if left alone, Eddie actively hunts and kills people for his sadistic pleasure. In his introduction, Eddie meets with investigation reporter Karen and shows her a video of him raping a woman, revealing he had killed her, before attempting to do the same to Karen. After being seemingly killed by police, Karen's friend Chris and his girlfriend Terry do some investigation on Eddie and his connection to the colony Karen and her husband are sent to. As Terry uncovers the truth, Eddie viciously murders her. Upon his return to the colony, Eddie tries to intimidate and kill Karen once again, and when he confronts Chris, he plays a recording of Terry's murder to him, commenting on her "sexy voice." Eddie, planning to transform and kill Chris, spends his last moments goading Chris into shooting him (not realizing Chris has silver bullets).
  • Ear Worm: That eerie tune that plays during Karen's nightmares.
    • The Howling II song is pretty catchy...
  • Ending Fatigue: Howling III has one of the longest and most tedious happy ending out there.
    • Depends on if you consider Jerboa transforming on camera during an awards ceremony and doing God only knows what kind of damage a happy ending.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • A woman being stalked by a creepy, possessive, supernatural monster named Edward?
    • In The Howling II, Reb Brown's hammy screaming is exactly like his idiotic screams in Space Mutiny.
    • In The Howling II, Reb Brown and Christopher Lee are allies. They previously appeared together in Captain America 2: Death Too Soon, where Lee (as the Big Bad) delivers the classic "Maybe in another lifetime we could have been friends" speech before dying; Reb (as Cap) says "I doubt that very much". Guess you were wrong on that one...
  • Narm: Karen's werewolf form in the first film looks like a terrier.
  • Nightmare Retardant: The Howling III: The Marsupials.
  • Sequelitis: None of the sequels are regarded as being anywhere near as good as the original, though even among the other sequels IV and New Moon Rising are regarded as being particularly awful.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The Howling II, which is incidentally the only one of the films with which the author of the original book trilogy, Gary Brandner, was directly involved (he co-wrote the screenplay).
  • Special Effect Failure: Applies to most of the sequels, to varying extents. III has especially awful effects, with no real transformations to speak of, barely any gore and really bad werewolf prosthetics (all the more shocking considering that the effects come from acclaimed Aussie makeup artist Bob McCarron). New Moon Rising manages to be even worse, with its werewolf being realized via a cheap mask and some lame CG morphing effects.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Howling V: The Rebirth and Howling VI: The Freaks are widely considered a major step-up in quality from the previous three films — though as Obscurus Lupa pointed out, that just makes them So Okay, It's Average instead of So Bad, It's Good. Either way, it didn't last.
    • The Howling Reborn is a mild improvement over The Howling: New Moon Rising. Though, this isn't saying much.
  • Ugly Cute: Werewolf-Karen.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Rob Bottin's effects in the original still stand out as some of the best werewolf transformations of all time. Among the sequels, VI has easily the best effects after the original, though IV has surprisingly decent effects too (albeit only in the last ten minutes), considering the obviously extremely low budget of the film.

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