YMMV / The Hills Have Eyes

  • Anvilicious/Character Filibuster: One of the mutants in the remake, the only nonviolent one, stops the plot to hammer out exactly what Alexandre Aja wants us to think.
  • Awesome Music: "Leave the Broken Hearts" by the Finalist, the end credits song in the remake.
  • Moe: Ruby.
  • Sequelitis: Happened with both versions. The sequel to the '77 original is almost universally regarded as being irredeemably awful, and Craven himself admitted he did it for the money. The sequel to the '06 version does have a few fans, but generally isn't too well regarded itself.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The very concept of the film, especially if you take into account that it was inspired by the story of Sawney Beane [1].
  • Ugly Cute: Ruby, the mutant who protects Doug and Catherine from her mutated family.
    • Venus and Mercury, the two mutant children. The fact that they don't attack Doug and act like normal kids (in contrast to their family) is a bonus.