YMMV / The Hidden Fortress

  • Counterpart Comparison: Tahei and Matashichi with C-3P0 and R2-D2, considering that both pairs are pretty ordinary. Although, C-3P0 is much smarter than Tahei, and R2-D2 is braver than Matashichi.
  • Funny Moments:
    • While scrambling frantically up a rocky slope, Matashichi at the rear grabs Tahei's leg. Tahei yelps at an impossibly high pitch and shakes him off.
    • Tahei and Matashichi try to get Rokurota's attention after he hijacked their campfire:
    Tahei: Hey!
    (Rokurota looks curiously around at the peasants. Tahei and Matashichi shrink back in fear)
    Tahei (cringing): ... evening.
    (Rokurota nods politely and goes back to tending the fire)
    • Their silent "You go first." "No, you!" looks they exchange.
    • A bitter argument causes Matashichi to lunge at Tahei with a pronged shovel, sending Tahei into a fit of spectacularly Inelegant Blubbering. Matashichi then says that he hears water, and Tahei immediately shuts up.
    • The peasants watching in despair as their gold disappears into the ashes during the fire festival. Tahei in particular has this big ugly gurn on his face as they're watching the wood burning.
    • The peasants want to take the gold, by trying to get the horses to water. They assume that because the girl they don't know is the princess is mute, they assume she's deaf as well. So Matashichi tries to do a mime of a horse drinking water.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • At the end, Tahei and Matashichi are rewarded with one gold piece between them. Tahei, carrying it, offers the piece to Matashichi to hold onto, but Matashichi refuses and lets Tahei keep it.
    • The peasants' re-union after the break out of prison, establishing that despite their constant bickering and competition, they truly do care for each other.
    • The Princess assuring Rokurota and the bought Slave Girl that their efforts weren't in vain, affirming that just being part of the Festival was wonderful enough to get out of life.
  • Love to Hate: The peasants, who are horrible people but very entertaining.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Matashichi and Tahei agreeing to rape Princess Yuki. Even worse, it's never brought up again and they are sent off with a bar of gold.