YMMV / The Hidden Fortress

  • Awesome Music: The score by Kurosawa's regular composer Masaru Satō.
  • Counterpart Comparison: Tahei and Matashichi with C-3P0 and R2-D2, considering that both pairs are pretty ordinary. Although, C-3P0 is much smarter than Tahei, and R2-D2 is braver than Matashichi.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The film was much more successful in the West than in Japan.
  • Love to Hate: The peasants, who are horrible people but very entertaining.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Tahei and Matashichi agreeing to rape Princess Yuki. Even worse, it's never brought up again, because they are distracted by a procession, and they are sent off with a bar of gold.
  • Surprisingly Similar Characters: Tahei and Matashichi can be compared to Langdon Towne and Hunk Marriner from Northwest Passage. Like Towne and Marriner, Tahei and Matashichi stumble into adventure while going after (and away from) something else. Towne and Marriner meet a stranger in a tavern without realizing he's the famous Captain Robert Rogers, and Tahei and Matashichi chat with the stranger who hijacked their campfire without realizing he's the famous General Rokurota Makabe. Throughout The Hidden Fortress, Tahei and Matashichi are only out for themselves, while Towne and Marriner stay loyal to Captain Rogers the entire time. Tahei, like Towne, provides an officer (General Makabe with Tahei, Captain Rogers with Towne) with a map that proves useful; Towne is a trained cartographer and Tahei draws a diagram in the sand of the safest way out of Akizuki. Their dynamic is different, too. Towne and Marriner are a classic Straight Man and Wise Guy duo. Tahei and Matashichi, who are additionally much more inseparable, seem to both be on the same page.