YMMV: The Hidden: Source

  • Nightmare Fuel: You are being hunted by an invisible, superpowered, knife-wielding psychopath.
    • Nightmare Retardant: Unless you are the invisible, superpowered, knife-wielding psychopath. Then it's just cool.
    • Mmmm, fresh meat.
  • Paranoia Fuel: There's a psychotic invisible killer on the loose with enough strength to send people flying across the room by throwing a chair at them. He can see through walls as well, and may have found you by the time you've gotten to this sentence. Have fun.
    • Oh, and if he feels decidedly playful, he'll let you know he's run into a few of your buddies. By hanging their corpses from the ceiling.
  • Scrub: Most servers have the pig stick turned off because of complaints that it's overpowered.