YMMV: The Heartbreak Kid

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Who is the real bad guy, Lila or Eddie? Yes, Lila is an annoying and borderline abusive psychopath, but by the end of the movie, Eddie a total sleazebag with no ability or desire for commitment.
  • Fan Disservice / Squick: Lila's extremely unkempt private area, complete with piercing, which is shown to us fully when she ahem...removes the jellyfish from Eddie's back.
  • Fridge Logic: Mac constantly tries to pressure Eddie into marriage and tells him how wonderful it is when it's obvious that he's as whipped as a race horse. He could just be trying to get his friend married because misery loves company.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Eddie crosses it at the very end when he is about to dump his second wife the second Miranda comes back into his life.