YMMV / The Happy Cricket

  • Accidental Aesop: From "The Solar Eclipse": If you don't study at school, you will grow up to be a complete retard.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Christopher regularly plays loud music with poorly-thought-out lyrics that keeps Wartlord awake. No wonder he's insane.
    • Wartlord and Buffuno had nothing to do with the damage to the ecosystem. Christopher and his friends merely jumped to a conclusion.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The elderly snail, the spider fortune teller, and the rocker bug, just to name a few.
    • The "Night Star" sequence
  • Designated Love Interest: Linda the Night Star
  • Dude, Not Funny!: When Isabella eats all but a spoonful of Snealy's food near the beginning.
  • Flat Character: While most of the cast lacks depth, Linda's character is practically nonexistent.
  • Glurge
  • Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: The Aesop of the Solar Eclipse short (found here).
    "Now you know why it's so important to study!"
  • Narm: The "Night Star" sequence, thanks to forced lyrics and the fact that it's a cricket singing a love song to an alien.
  • Nightmare Retardant: The hawthorns first appear intimidating... until you hear them speak. And they're terrified of the guitar.
  • Padding: The first third, which focuses on finding a magical toucan, is loaded with padding.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Wartlord and Buffuno are by far the most entertaining characters in the film, if only for their resemblance to Pinky and the Brain.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Especially the musical numbers.
  • A Wizard Did It: The explanation for how the guitar can be played without strings.