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YMMV: The Guardians of Childhood
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Pitch, as much in the books than in the movie. Is he an irredeemable monster who destroyed completely the man who was Kozmotis by the Fearlings, or a very tragic character who is nothing more than a shadow of Kozmotis?
    • Is there any trace of Kozmotis left in Pitch, or is he, as Emily Jane "not able to be saved"?
    • Emily Jane too, as Mother Nature. People argue that she is as neutral as she said, but if she is good or evil is left to interpretation of readers.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Emily Jane is very, very appreciated by fans.
  • Love It or Hate It: The character of Typhan, a Titan/Constellation with the power to summon storms. Due to the rush writing in "Sandman and the War of Dreams" fan debate has arisen over whether he is a character of good or not. Typhan is an an ancient deity and an ally to the Golden Age, but has since become a shadow of his former self. After Emily Jane escapes the Dream Pirates, she drifts into his constellation, and fr over 10 years he raises her like his own daughter, and teaches her how to control storms herself. Emily has been waiting everyday for her father to come and find her, and after 10 years of grieving she finally takes out her frustration on a passing ship, breaking her vow to never cause harm to others. Typhan uses his own powers to counter act her's, but she has become too powerful. With the last of his strength, he seals her inside a shooting star and hurls her into space, where she later comes across the Sandman. Now, it is clear Wiliiam Joyce's intent was to make Typhan a deity of good (it even says so in the writing), and show that by the end of the book how Emily has grown and matured as a character. However, others have interpreted the story in another way entirely. Since we know so little about their relationship over the past 10 years, some people have come to see their relationship as a very unhealthy one; that Emily Jane did not appreciate Typhan making her his daughter, or that instead of lashing out at Emily Jane when she attacked the vessel, he should have tried reasoning with her, since she is not in a very stable place at the moment and years of isolation have finally taken its toll on her.
    • There is no right or wrong answer. Regardless of the author's intended, the moment any piece of fiction is published, it becomes free game for the reader to interpret the material as they wish. However, there is no denying the fans that do side with the theory that Typhan is an evil character, are not shy about their opinion. These fans seem to view Typhan as worse than Pitch Black (who single handily destroyed the Golden Age and the lives of billions), and the Monkey King (the murderer of one of the main character's parents).
  • Tear Jerker: The stories are based on Fractured Fairy Tales William Joyce told his kids when they were little. Both Katherine and Jack are likely named after his children Mary Katherine Joyce and Jack Joyce. Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, right? It is until you realize his daughter Katherine died before these books were published.
    • Pretty much everything about General Kozmotis Pitchiner and his story. He was so great and he fell so far...they'd better include that in the next movie.

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