YMMV / The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible

  • Animation Age Ghetto: This series arguably subverts it in spades by keeping true to the original stories as much as possible. One example is David's fight with Goliath in the episode bearing their names.
  • Critical Research Failure: The Magi didn't meet Jesus until Epiphany. But, to make it into a Pragmatic Adaptation (Since them being sent to find Jesus is an important part of the story) they are depicted as walking into the manger, completing the Nativity scene.
  • Ethnic Scrappy: Unfortunately Moki, who was meant as a Funny Foreigner, comes across like this.
  • Narm: Unintentional, but some of the dialogue ends up sounding a bit cheesy.
    • Especially one bit in the nativity episode wherein they watch everyone witnessing the birth of Christ... and Derek's visibly Off-Model.
    • In David and Goliath, Moki at one point says "I see some tents", but his accent sounds like "I see some tits!"
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Angel of Death in the Moses episode, portrayed very ominously as a thick black cloud that gradually envelops most of the screen. The music doesn't help.
    • King Herod in the Nativity episode only appears for a few scenes, but is terrifying enough since he's voiced by Vincent Price. Then the Roman soldiers report back to him near the end of the movie, prompting him to make a Nightmare Face as a Scare Chord plays. Then the camera zooms in until all you can see is said face.