YMMV / The Godzilla Power Hour

  • Ear Worm: "Up from the depths/Thirty stories high/Breathing fire/His head in the sky/GODZILLA! GODZILLA!"
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Axor. Being perhaps one of the most recognized monsters, if not the most recognized, in a series filled with expies, a monster with a personality of a god complex, and being a part of Matt Frank's "Godzilla Neo" FanFiction series.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The initial leaked teaser for Godzilla (2014) shows the corpse of some centipede-like monster with prehensile fingers. One of the monsters on this show looks pretty similar.
    • Godzilla battles a terrorist group called COBRA years before G.I. Joe came along.
    • Because of Nuclear Weapons Taboo, Godzilla's backstory here deviates from the films. He wasn't created by atomic bomb tests in the Pacific, he's essentially a sea monster, an ancient alpha predator pre-dating mankind. This is the exact same backstory used in Godzilla (2014).
    • Multiple times later movies emulated the plots of some episodes, intentional or not.
      • Plot: "A shockwave creating monster attacks San Francisco, resulting in a large burrow in the ground and civilians packing onto the Golden Gate Bridge to flee in which they are menaced when a section of the bridge falls during Godzilla's approach. Godzilla then fights his smaller, shockwave using foe across the city resulting in a finale at San Francisco Bay". Episode 2 "The Eartheater" or Godzilla (2014)?
      • Plot: "An ancient but advanced civilization resurfaces from the sea floor. Our human protagonists are forced onto it as the laser spewing security system comes online. The city's kaiju sized creation goes berserk and menaces both its creators and modern humanity. With the help of the human protagonists and a projected image of the city's ancient leader, the heroic kaiju manages to destroy the creation and the city leaves". Episode 7 "The Colossus of Atlantis" or Rebirth Of Mothra 2?
  • Just Here for Godzilla: A textbook example. The main human cast is largely interchangeable with the typical Hanna-Barbera cast, and fans generally hate Godzooky, but the battles between Godzilla and the other monsters can still make up for it.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: In one episode, Godzooky actually did something useful and became powered up enough to give freaking Axor a hard time. Sadly, it didn't last.
  • The Scrappy: Godzooky. He gets a lot of hate from the Kaiju community, though in his defense, he's just a baby monster and may mature into something bigger and more likable if the series ever gets rebooted. Plus he's not The Load and does help the Calico crew frequently.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: As unloved as he is, Godzooky actually could have been the basis for a promising storyline. He's canonically said to be Godzilla's nephew—and unless the Big G is merely his Honorary Uncle, this would presumably mean that Godzilla also has at least one sibling. But for some reason, this idea was never explored, and Godzooky's parentage is unknown.
    • Well, technically, the original Godzilla did die in the original movie. Maybe Zooky is his kid.