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YMMV: The Giant Spider Invasion

The movie contains:

  • Designated Hero: For the first half of the movie, the only real choice the audience has is to consider Dan the hero. Well, maybe the sheriff, too, but that option isn't too appealing either.
    • In reality, it's Dr. Vance and Dr. Langer who are the heroes of the film.
  • Faux Symbolism: The significance of the preacher's furious sermons is, to put it nicely, unclear.
    • From what he's ranting about, I think they meant to imply the spider invasion was some kind of judgement from God. Except the movie never says what God is judging, or how that actually ties into the plot, given that the doughy has-beens apparently solved the problem with a non-supernatural solution. If the spiders were a divine judgement, wouldn't it have been more difficult to stop them than that?
  • Narm: The fifty-something scientists, having been caught off guard by the spiders, rolling down a hill.
    • "VaaAAaaAAaaNCE!"
  • Rooting for the Empire: A lot of people root for the spiders to kill off the obnoxious hillbillies. Mike and the bots were amongst them, with one of the very first riffs on the movie being Crow chanting "GO SPIDERS GO SPIDERS".
  • The Scrappy: The hillbilly characters are so repulsive, you'll root for the spiders.
    • Special mention goes to creepy Cousin Billy.
      • "Charles Manson: jeweler."
  • Special Effect Failure: The Volkswagenspinne. Wide shots usually put a crowd in front of it so we can't see that its abdomen is rolling along the ground. As if that wasn't enough, it appears to eat people with its butt.
    • Also, the legs look like they're made from giant pipe cleaners.
  • Squick: Dan Kester. As if wanting to spank his teenaged sister-in-law wasn't enough, he chases her around the kitchen table in some unflattering and close-fitting pajamas. And don't forget that back brace....

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