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YMMV: The Giant Claw
  • Narm: Boy howdy. As noted in the header, Morrow later recalled how he sneaked out of a screening humiliated after people burst into laughter when the monster appeared.
  • Nightmare Retardant
  • So Bad, It's Good
  • Special Effects Failure: Apparently at one point Ray Harryhausen was going to do the creature effects, but to save money a small shop in Mexico was contracted instead.
    • More mundanely, the matte painting of the US Capitol building through the general's office window is at a size and angle that implies that the general works in the statue of Grant on the National Mall.
  • Values Dissonance: The male lead spend much of the movie being casually dismissive and misogynistic toward the female lead, an adult scientist who is treated like a child by pretty much everyone. For laughs.
    • SURPRISE!!! She's also his love interest!

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