YMMV / The Gargoyle

  • Ho Yay: Sigurðr and Einarr; the 13th-century version of the Narrator and Brandeis
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Narrator's detailed descriptions of his accident and his injuries are pretty disturbing, especially when he urges the reader to imagine their own skin burning in seemingly slow-motion
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: The Narrator, when he lets Marianne walk into the ocean, knowing she's committing suicide. He insists throughout the book that he's an atheist and doesn't believe in Marianne's stories, and considers it tantamount to murder on his part, even admitting that a religious person would say that he insists that he doesn't believe in God because doing so would mean acknowledging that he's condemned to hell. In the last chapter he even says that all it would have taken to save her would have been for him to ask her to come back. On the other hand, when he visits Hell during his detox, he does acknowledge that for that moment, at least, he has no doubts in his mind that God exists, and he has his doubts that Marianne would accept his love for her if he saved her. The narration of the last chapter does outright state, however, that he fully expects to reunite with her after his death.