* AwesomeMusic: The DeathMetal intro to ''Gaming Guys'', especially the full version that appears in rare instances.
--> ''Those bitches try to cheat me''\\
''Suck a dick for a living''\\
''Pistol whip a graveyard out''\\
''Smash your nuts into the ground''\\
''Dig a grave for your dick''\\
''Your face could look better''\\
''Dig a grave for your dick''\\
''You should do something about that''
* CrossesTheLineTwice: Ohoho, you actually think he has a ''line''?
* SeasonalRot: Lauren's stories seem to be getting worse as she gets older and it just comes off as her trying too hard to make her stories weird.
* TastesLikeDiabetes: Anything with Lowtax's daughters Lauren and Jaylen.
* TearJerker: Breakfast Duck's Terrible Christmas
** And then the ending:
--->'''Kevin:''' [[spoiler: I uh...I, I don't hate you, dad. Merry Christmas.]]
** The Christmas special for Uncle Pep-Pep's Doodle Time. With Pencilly grappling with [[spoiler: the recent suicide of the titular host.]] Lampshaded in the end of the episode with the credits reminding us how ridiculous the situation is: "A pencil and a rat are sad."
* VisualEffectsOfAwesome: The things Shmorky is capable of making on Flash, and on a weekly basis, is pretty amazing.