YMMV / The First Men in the Moon

  • Designated Hero: Bedford in the 1964 film.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Gatiss' conceit that Cavor used a sheet of Cavorite to flush the moon's atmosphere into space, rendering the moon the airless dead world Aldrin and Armstrong discover. An extremely elegant solution to the problem that Science Marches On.
  • Fridge Horror
    • Cavor destroys an entire sentient race to prevent them fighting a war with humanity. While, yes, a huge war would have been awful, most wars tend to end, and usually with diplomacy and peace (or at least a cessation of conflict for some time). There's no reason there couldn't have been peace in the future.
    • It's worse in the 1964 film when Cavor did so accidentally while trying to maintain peaceful relations with the aliens.