YMMV / The Fast Show

  • Acceptable Targets - The Fat Sweaty Coppers.
  • Heartwarming Moments - The Competitive Dad's son defending him against his own abusive father, who then storms out. Looks like it's going to be an inversion, as the Dad begins to berate his son, waiting until his father is out of earshot before breaking down and hugging him out of pride. (This gets a huge round of applause from the studio audience.)
    • Several of the Ted and Ralph sketches, possibly due to Ralph very much being The Woobie. A notable example is in the final episode, when (a very, very drunk) Ralph sings Elvis's Burning Love to Ted in the middle of the latter's local. Despite Ted's friends pointing and laughing at the hilarity of a Lord trying to sing karoke, Ted can't help smiling fondly.
  • Fountain of Memes
  • Tear Jerker - Rowley Birkin QC, when sober.
    • Can be combined with a Drinking Game to get a Funny Moment.
    • Ralph deciding to burn some of his things from when he was a student at agricultural college:
    Ralph:You remember I never completed the course.
    Ted: Oh, Sir, I came to visit you in the hospital, Sir.
    Ralph: Yes. Now Ted I can't tell you how much I appreciated that. As you know, a lot of people are frightened of, em...of mental illness.
    Ted: Your parents told everyone you had the flu, sir.
    (Both wipe their eyes)
    • When Ted and Ralph turn to leave the graveyard at the end of series 3 episode 8, Ted suddenly hunches forward and needs to be supported by Ralph as they walk away.
    • The sketch in which Archie the Pub Bore reveals that he has often thought about killing himself.
      • Along with the sketch where he finally finds someone who likes Frank Sinatra too, only for the man to run away when he goes up to the bar. The look on his face when he realises the bloke is gone is heart breaking.
    • Unlucky Alf finding out his whole village hates him is pretty depressing.
  • The Woobie: Several characters are woobies some or all of the time.
    • Ralph is a major woobie; you just spend the whole time wanting to hug the poor thing. The most woobie-ish moment without a doubt is when Ralph and Ted start talking about the time he ended up in the hospital:
      Ralph: A lot of people are frightened of... mental illness.
      Ted: Your parents told everyone you had the flu, sir.
      (Both wipe their eyes.)
    • Ted is a woobie too after his wife dies.
    • Archie, the pub bore, clearly just wants someone to talk to. He mentions that his dog is sick, and, at one point, he tells someone that he's thought about committing suicide, 'but the words of Frank keep coming back to me in my hour of need'. It becomes worse when you realise that the songs he always goes on about clearly mean something to him, if they have actually saved his life.
    • Rowley Birkin is a woobie in the sketch were he talks about a woman he loved dying. When he finishes, he says his catchphrase in a sad, quiet voice, and there is an agonised look in his eyes as the camera slowly pans backwards.
      Rowley: And I held her in my arms... (Agonising pause; Rowley looks so sad) ... I'm afraid I was very drunk.