YMMV / The Famous Five

  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • The "George is secretly transgender" view point is a popular one as she seems to have traits that go above and beyond what you would normally expect from a tomboy. She even outright declares that she wishes she wasn't born a girl at one point, although that was arguably more to do with the Stay in the Kitchen mentality of the time than anything else.
    • Another interpretation is she is a Boomerang Bigot with a lot of internalized misoginy and self loathing. The self loathing part is more evident in Five Go to Mystery Moor, where the group meets a girl who is basically George with another name. They hate each other from the first moment and George looks down on her because she uses the male version of her name and dresses like a boy, the same things George does all the time!
  • Values Dissonance:
    • Julian and George clashes. Back when the books were published Julian was a Reasonable Authority Figure dealing with an unreasonable girl, but today he comes across as bossy and chauvinistic, especially when he forces his Stay in the Kitchen mentality on her.
    • There are casual references to corporal punishment from parents or even adults not related to the child. That was normal back then but now they sound quite abusive.
    • The portrayal of different classes. Anyone born lower class is expected to stay there and be happy with the limitations of that time. Whenever a lower class character attempts to move up, they're inevitably treated as villainous.