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YMMV: The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Base Breaker: The fact that the game has a $15 monthly fee did NOT sit well with the fans.
    • And that's on top of having microtransactions. Bethesda, to its credit, is at least trying to lobby Microsoft to waive the necessity for Xbox Live (which also requires a subscription) to play Elder Scrolls Online on the Xbox One, so that players don't essentially have to pay two subscriptions for the same game.
      • The April 4th, 2014 launch only threw more fuel on the fire. After the early game access period ended, players were forced to set up a subscription right away before being able to access their free thirty days. While this is normal and rather par for the course for subscription-based MMORPG's, what wasn't normal was the fact that the full price for the subscription was immediately charged as a pre-authorization, essentially locking out players who were either in a tough spot financially, or who were planning on using prepaid game time cards as their preferred method of payment. Players immediately suspected Executive Meddling, and the bad press is already starting to take its toll, with Zenimax trying to run damage control in the 60+ pages-long thread in the official forums full of angry players.
    • If you're on a video, don't comment as to which faction you'll be. You'll get hefty praise and criticism alike, from fellow faction members and rival faction members respectively.
    • Depending on who you ask, the Phasing System is either the most immersive thing to ever grace an MMORPG, or its an unnecessary barrier with a complete lack of any kind of way to go back to previous phases, barring you from being able to help friends complete quests that you previously completed.
  • Broken Base:
    • It's too early to tell for sure, but the fanbase seems divided between those that think that an Elder Scrolls MMO would be amazing and those that think it's against the entire point of the franchise that previously consisted of single-player games. With a third side that has nothing against an Elder Scrolls MMO per se, but think a lot of what has been revealed about this one so far is worrisome.
    • Dark Age Of Camelot fans, on the other hand, are exploding with anticipation.
    • There are worries that, based on historical precedent, the single-player series will end up being neglected. This criticism has been mitigated by the fact the MMO is being developed by sister studio Zenimax Online, as opposed to Bethesda, but the fear still remains.
    • The artstyle of the game is also not getting any songs of praises from a lot of the fans either, due to replacing the relatively realistic artstyle of the main series with a much more exaggerated style of traditional mainstream fantasy games. Slightly justified for being a MMO and not being able to process detailed graphics, but on the other hand other MMOs have opted for semi-realism and worked out fine.
    • Imperials being unavailable as a race. It's been justified by the historical context of Tamriel, but a few are still annoyed.
    • The Arrival Trailer subjecting the Breton to The Worf Effect has not gone over well with some fans.
    • The preorder bonus, the "Explorer's Pack," has absolutely infuriated some fans with the ability to play as any race on any faction, claiming that it breaks immersion at best and defeats the entire purpose of even having factions at worst. Many have pointed out that it contradicts lore (the most obvious example being that human races being in the Aldmieri Dominion makes no sense given the institutionalized Fantastic Racism found in Altmer society), for no other reason than for a blatant cash grab. While some fans were willing to let the Imperial thing slide, the backlash to the Explorer's Pack was far worse.
  • Critical Research Failure: Shalidor mentions reassembling the fragments of the Numidium. However at the time of the game, the Numidium is still intact (and in the safekeeping of the Tribunal).
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Ebonheart Pact is becoming very popular with fans due to the faction being consisted of well liked races (The Nords, Argonians and Dunmer). Plus it has a kickass Dragon insignia.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Transcription Error" has slowly become a popular one.
    • To elaborate, the game developers made a haphazard retcon when making Cyrodiil into an European temperate grassfield as seen in Oblivion instead of the rainforest it was depicted as at that point of time, which the game developers handwaved it by essentially calling Pocket Guide to the Empire, the key source of information on Tamriel, false... even though there are numerous books and even firsthand accounts by NPCs that say otherwise.
  • Misblamed: One of the most common complaints about the game is the idea that Bethesda won't have any time or energy to make a new single-player Elder Scrolls game if they're busy with an MMO. That might have some validity...if the game wasn't being developed by Zenimax Online, Bethesda Game Studio's sister studio under the Zenimax LLC group.
    • It's likely gamers were thinking of the Warcraft RTS series which did get put on hold for World of Warcraft. Zenimax LLC deciding to set up a separate company to develop an online Elder Scrolls game was likely done to keep such a situation from happening. Bethesda Game Studios having no experience with MM Os was probably another factor.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "Did you hear some stranger saved King Casimir's life?" "I'd like to buy that hero an ale!" If you spend any amount of time in Daggerfall after an early quest arc, you are going be hearing this background conversation over and over and over...
    • It's the exact same in the Dominion, too.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The end of the Arrival Trailer has the corrupted Breton and an army of undead take the capital of Cyrodiil by surprise, with Molag Bal's face smiling diabolically in storming clouds in the background.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: To a extent, the High Elf race was. After Skyrim where they were both In-Universe and Meta scappies, alot of players enjoyed their quests due to the approach the Thalmor go to to win the trust of their allies (such as basically saving one city when it's attacked) and some likeable High Elf NPC's that stand out.
  • Tainted by the Preview: Some fans get increasingly excited for new info and news about the game, whereas other fans get increasingly more disappointed.

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