YMMV / The Drawing of the Three

  • Crowning Moment of Funny:
    • Roland's insane crime spree in Jack Mort's body. Highlights include: Tricking two cops into disarming the gun store's owner, then knocking their heads together and stealing their guns and then actually paying for some ammo for his revolvers(he needed a permit), stealing $60 worth of anibiotics from a pharmacy, then giving the owner a $6500 dollar watch as payment, and jumping in front of a train while wearing women's underwear and on fire after getting his nads crushed by boxes of bullets. The subsequent police investigation, discovering that the man behind all this had also been a practicing serial killer for years could be a novel all on its own.
    • When Balazar's henchmen are playing Trivial Pursuit with Henry Dean. He just answers "Johnny Cash" every time. When one of them makes up obvious clues that are about Johnny Cash, Henry answers "Walter Brennan".
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: According to the author.
    • Fans of the novel also generally agree that its pacing is much better than that of The Gunslinger.