YMMV / The Doctor Oz Show

  • Author Tract: A cardiothoratic surgeon who thinks all surgeons are "arrogant" and "assholes" who manipulate data and can't see the forest for the trees.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • He frequently endorses psuedoscience and homeopathic medicine over actual medicine so much he was called in and had to testify about his show.
      John Oliver: "Miracle flowers"?? Are you a doctor or an old west traveling salesman? "Have I got something miraculous for you, ladies and gentlemen: a monkey's paw mixed with five petals of a rose in a thimble full of otter semen! Guaranteed to cure your lumbago, step right up, step right up 'ere!"
    • Doctor Oz seems to have a frequent-passenger card on the Health Topic Bandwagon. If a current rumor or half-fact-checked news story is circulating newspapers or the internet, you can guarantee that it'll be on his show. Everything from "This herbal supplement will cure everything" that later turn out to be little more than flavor-enhancements to ACTUAL cures, if not outright placebos (acai berries most recently spring to mind) to "magic beans" (his phrase) to lightning-fast weight loss that doesn't require leaving the couch or missing The Dr. Oz Show.
  • Epileptic Trees: There seems to be a rumor going around, proclaiming Dr. Oz to be the leader of some mad cult.
    Michael K.: As Iíve said a million times before, my mom is a major Dr. Oz fan mom and although she doesnít totally believe in everything he says, she will knife a bitch who talks major shit about him. Thatís why I keep a suit of armor in her spare bedroom closet. Whenever Iím at her house and sheís watching Dr. Oz, I have to put on that suit of armor so I can safely talk shit about him in front of her. Since my mom is an Ozhead, sheíd probably agree with him about his show not being a medical show. Itís not a medical show. Itís CHURCH! Some people, including noted skeptic Dr. James Rhandi of the Rhandi Foundation, accuse Dr. Oz himself of occasionally spreading the medical equivalent of this.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: The petition to fire him from Columbia University, led by Dr. Henry Miller, was quickly deduced to be a publicity stunt. An ill-conceived one, as Oz boasted that he was being "silenced" by academics and shills for Big Pharma. If you come at the King you'd best not miss.