YMMV: The Doctor Oz Show

  • Epileptic Trees: There seems to be a rumor going around, proclaiming Dr. Oz to be the leader of some mad cult.
    • Some people, including noted skeptic Dr. James Rhandi of the Rhandi Foundation accuse Dr. Oz himself of occasionally spreading the medical equivalent of this.
  • Television Is Trying to Kill Us: Doctor Oz seems to have a frequent-passenger card on the Health Topic Bandwagon. If a current rumor or half-fact-checked news story is circulating newspapers or the internet, you can guarantee that it'll be on his show. Everything from "This herbal supplement will cure everything" that later turn out to be little more than flavor-enhancements to ACTUAL cures, if not outright placebos (acai berries most recently spring to mind) to scare-tactics like "PLASTIC CONTAINERS GIVE YOU CANCER!" ... If you leave them out in the sunlight for a month, then microwave them repeatedly, then drink the stuff that's been in there the entire time.
    • On at least one episode, he dedicated an entire segment to homeopathy — which these days is generally considered a pseudoscience.
    • This can get worse when you have nurses falling for some of the more questionable stuff that's shown on the show.
    • This trope is the main reason he was called in to testify to congress about his show.