YMMV: The Dig

  • Awesome Music: There is even a soundtrack CD, with the beautiful music of the game composed by Michael Land.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Even with the Gory Discretion Shot, having to saw off Brink's hand with the jawbone of an animal in order to save his life is possibly the most horrifying action the player has to carry out in any LucasArts adventure game.
    • When you first enter the life crystal storage room, one of the ghosts shows up, hovers over the crystals, then briefly morphs into the form of a skull before vanishing. The ominous music doesn't help.
    Low: I don't care what language you speak, a skull is the sign of death.
  • That One Puzzle: The stupid exploding alien turtle skeleton. See the trope page (which provides the image) for full details.
    • The Rat puzzle is a slightly less infuriating example, except in that case the game barely provides you with any clues as for what you're supposed to do.
    • Ditto for how to open the tomb of the Cocytan inventor.