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YMMV: The Dick Van Dyke Show
  • Fair for Its Day: "That's My Boy?" not only presents an affluent middle-class black couple, but ends by revealing that Richie goes to school with the couple's kid — a somewhat risky line at a time when integrated schools were still controversial.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In "My Husband Is Not a Drunk," Rob becomes a Hypno Fool, with a bell making him act like a falling-down drunk. In 1974, Dick Van Dyke publicly admitted to having had a serious drinking problem for the preceding 25 years.
  • Mondegreen: In the "Head of the Family" pilot, the Alan Brady character was originally named Alan Sturdy. This was changed for the series because it sounds like "Alan's Dirty".
  • Not So Crazy Anymore: in the episode The Plots Thicken, Rob is flabbergasted while talking to a funeral home on the phone. After he gets off, he tells Laura, "How do you like that?! They have a layaway plan. You pay now, and go later." Nowadays, many people prepay for their "final expenses" without a second thought.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Richard Dawson, Gavin MacLeod and Jamie Farr all appeared well before they were stars.
  • Rule-Abiding Rebel: Laura seems like a fairly normal housewife now, but at the time it was apparently a big deal that she was regularly shown wearing pants. Ironically, Lucille Ball, who along with her then-husband, Desi Arnaz, owned the studio facilities where The Dick Van Dyke Show was taped, had previously worn capris on her own show, I Love Lucy.
  • Tear Jerker: In the fourth episode Sally starts crying the day after a date where again her aggressive sense of humor and brutal honesty scared off her date.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Nick At Nite and TV Land even had a promo pointing this out as part of "Our Television Heritage".

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