YMMV: The Denpa Men

  • Anticlimax Boss: The Bonus Boss of the first game follows a very predictable pattern, which makes him very easy to beat once you memorize it (or look it up on the internet) as you can block all of his attacks.
  • Dub Name Change: Beelzebub to King of Evil, Tower of Satan to Tower of Evil.
  • Even Better Sequel
  • Game Breaker: Barriers. They make your Denpa Men fully invincible (Unless they had a damaging status ailment before it was used), and can be bought from the shop for 3500 gold (a small sum late in the game where they are most useful). They can also turn the Grand King into an Anticlimax Boss .
  • Ho Yay: The Real Denpa Men, a series of live action videos used to explain various gameplay mechanics, is laden with this.
  • That One Level: Scorch Volcano, almost entirely due to...
    • Demonic Spiders: The Fire Mist enemies, whose identically-named attack is a party-wide fire nuke capable of 2HKOing all but your sturdiest characters. Oh, did we mention that they're ghosts (meaning you can't hit them with normal attacks without special equipment), Made of Iron, and that they often show up in groups of 2 with other enemies in tow
    • Ice Island can be this if your main character is weak to ice, the fact that it is home to Ice Demon doesn't help.