YMMV / The Denpa Men

  • Anticlimax Boss: The Bonus Boss of the first game follows a very predictable pattern, which makes him very easy to beat once you memorize it (or look it up on the internet) as you can block all of his attacks.
    • Thunder Keeper from the third game is an absolute joke. With the combination of equipment that allows you to hit his weakness and being able to kill the enemies in the Thunder Temple to level grind quickly, he'll wind up dead within a few turns. After that, only the final boss can pose a threat to your party.
  • That One Level: Scorch Volcano, almost entirely due to...
    • Demonic Spiders: The Fire Mist enemies, whose identically-named attack is a party-wide fire nuke capable of 2HKOing all but your sturdiest characters. Oh, did we mention that they're ghosts (meaning you can't hit them with normal attacks without special equipment), Made of Iron, and that they often show up in groups of 2 with other enemies in tow
    • Ice Island can be this if your main character is weak to ice, the fact that it is home to Ice Demon doesn't help.
  • Dub Name Change: Beelzebub to King of Evil, Tower of Satan to Tower of Evil.
  • Even Better Sequel: The second game added quite a lot to the series. Several new colours were given to Denpa Men, the player could fight other teams online, players could equip more accessories (which were not only cosmetic but made the game fairer too)and several new powers were added.
  • Game-Breaker: Barriers. They make your Denpa Men fully invincible (Unless they had a damaging status ailment before it was used), and can be bought from the shop for 3500 gold (a small sum late in the game where they are most useful). They can also turn the Grand King into an Anticlimax Boss . They wound up nerfed in the sequels though it matters little since it's balanced out by the way equipping items works.
    • The Mirror Suit, Will-o'-the-Wisp and Large Bell items are the most game breaking items in the third game. The Mirror Suit reflects attacks which helps significantly against magic attacks. The Will-o'-the'-Wisp items makes a party member immune to attack which can effectively make your healer/revival member invincible. The Large Bell allows you to use a skill twice which serves you well if you have powerful magic.
  • Ho Yay: The Real Denpa Men, a series of live action videos used to explain various gameplay mechanics, is laden with this.
  • Morality Pet: Zigzagged with Crystal and the King of Evil. The whole thing starts out with Squelch kidnapping Crystal, though it is implied that Crystal was nice to him. After going through Cold-Blooded Torture and a hostage situation which eventually gets the hero to hand over the Dark Orb to the evil prophet Aflama, who uses it unseal Malignus, a God of Evil, she still insists that the hero be nice to Squelch. Squelch, now proclaiming himself Master Squelch, then asks the hero to come over to his new home by himself for a 'housewarming party'. This turns out to be a ploy he was using in an attempt to eliminate the hero and have Crystal all for himself. If you bring Crystal along with you for that battle sequence, the pre-battle dialogue doesn't turn so hostile so quickly. Squelch and Crystal are happily talking with each other, until the hero mentions the 'housewarming party'. This causes him to lash out, and when Crystal stands up for the hero, asking why he is always so cruel, he decides to fight her as well. During the battle, he turns into the Self-Made King, which is the canonical first form of the King of Evil. After the battle is won, the King Of Evil teleports off to train and become stronger. Eventually, the King Of Evil kidnaps Crystal (again), and the hero sets off to save her. Crystal then states that the King Of Evil was going to force her to marry him, implying that he may be a Yandere to her. Fast forward some time, and the hero and Crystal married, and she along with her two children end up kidnapped by what may be assumed are minions of the King Of Evil. The hero sets off to save them, but finds out that he didn't do it, but that a mysterious Evil Organisation did. The King Of Evil, the hero, and the Evil Witch, who was the supposed leader of this organisation, eventually have a showdown in which the King Of Evil asks the Evil Witch to release Crystal, but only manages to make her angry. When the hero announces himself at the scene, the Evil Witch tries to invoke Forced to Watch to get the Dark Orb from the hero, but fails after both the King Of Evil and Crystal warn him about the fact that she wouldn't keep her word when she said that she'd release Crystal in exchange for the Dark Orb. The Evil Witch then sends the King Of Evil to the Inferno. In the process, the King Of Evil proclaims that he isn't doing what he's doing for the hero, but for Crystal. The Evil Witch soon tries to do the same with the hero. It doesn't work, and the hero soon challenges and defeats her. Now out of peril, Crystal asks the hero to go into the Inferno and rescue the King of Evil. He does so, but tells the King Of Evil that the only reason he did was because Crystal asked him to. The King Of Evil then says that he's happy that Crystal is happy, and goes back to his old home, the ruins of the Guardian Tower. If you go and talk to him there without Crystal in your party, he proceeds to tell you about the four fighting deities, simply to give you something to do aside from bother him. However, if you come with Crystal in your party, he happily tells you, or more accurately, tells her about them. If you come to him after defeating the four fighting deities with Crystal in your party, he gives her some items he found, and requests that she try them on. Once she does, he is stunned at her appearance. You can speak with him after that, and he will respond happily so long as you have Crystal in your party.
  • Villain Decay: You could argue that King of Evil became less effective in the sequel because the Evil Witch floored him easily. It's not as bad in Denpa Men 3 where as Master Squelch, he wouldn't have stood a chance against Malignus.