YMMV / The Day of Revolution

  • Fridge Logic: Kei's gender appears to be male, so why not just transition him into a boy? Shouldn't the doctors have known that when they first mentioned it? At least he can transition once he moves out.
    • The issue is less about the outer gender and more about the inner assets. Kei/Megumi are apparently the kind of intersexual where the inner genitalia and the outer genitalia differ. Meaning, while there is a penis with scrotum, the scrotum doesn't work and instead there is a working womb. While it is absolutely possible to make a almost perfect "working woman" out of this situation (as it is mostly a visual correction with the only downside being a artificial vagina, though a good doctor can do wonders there), it will always leave a infertile male, if going the opposite way.