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YMMV: The Day After Tomorrow
  • Bellisario's Maxim: Emmerich has stated that the film was never intended to be scientifically accurate - the credits claim it was based on the book The Coming Global Superstorm, by Art Bell and Whitney Striber.
  • Broken Aesop: Since Earth is now locked in a new Ice Age, anyone who decides to remain in and/or recolonise the frozen areas will need to stay warm, necessitating them lighting fires and begin polluting. Furthermore, once the population in the non-frozen areas becomes overcrowded, what's to stop them eventually deciding to rescind pollution laws and begin promoting global warming, since it will likely speed up the melting of the frozen landmasses? As long as they don't go overboard like last time, what would be the downside?
    • Well, kicking off another round of hypercanes, this time with warm tornado winds and precipitation, for a start...
  • Critical Research Failure: There's a reason the main page quote is what it is. This movie's depiction of climatology is accurate in only one technical point; the planet Earth actually does have a climate.
  • Don't Shoot the Message: While real-life climatologists were glad to see the subject of climate change and global warming getting attention from Hollywood, they've expressed concern that the film's depiction of climate change might desensitize audiences to the reality of the issue.
    • This is especially troubling to a number of environmentalists as even serious discussions of climate change often go off the deep end in descriptions (claims of the poles melting overnight, our children never seeing snow) when the reality is that it will consist of single-digit changes in average temperature with potentially strong changes in rainfall.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Brian. Helps that he's pretty much one of the only funny characters in this movie.
    • The homeless man too.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The moral of the film becomes more tolerable when you realize that it's not saying that Global Warming is going to turn the world into a wasteland in an absurdly short period of time, but it's actually saying that Global Warming is happening faster than we think.
  • Fridge Logic: Several places — for example, the Heroic Sacrifice in the mall.
    • If the President had just stayed where he was, he could have lived.
      • Or, y'know, if he'd evacuated via the Marine One helicopter instead of trying to evacuate by car.
    • Why didn't they just used the corded phones behind the Libaries teller's desk? If the pay phones worked, that should have as well.
    • Alright, dad, so when you get to the library that your son or son's corpse may or may not be at, ''what are you going to do''?
    • "Yeah, guys, let's burn all of these books, which could very well contain the only human knowledge left on this world, instead of the thick wooden furniture, which would burn longer and leave less smoke!"
    • And let's start bickering over valuable, important books like the Gutenberg bible, rather than the literally millions of cheap, mass produced paperbacks.
      • Not that anyone would have missed the tax law section...
    • Wouldn't any police officer worth his salt know that snow and ice are actually effective insulators to the deathly cold outside? The officer's justification, apparently, is that the library will soon be buried in snow, hence risking potentially freezing to death. Thing is, the snow and ice covering the library would effectively insulate the building from the freezing cold?
      • To be fair, he seemed more concerned about their lack of food and other supplies than the cold itself.
    • In the shots of NYC after the storm breaks, the snow is deep enough to bury the library to roof level, yet the actual roofs of the surrounding skyscrapers only have a light coating of snow. What, did the clouds specifically aim their precipitation at the streets?
      • The tops of the skyscrapers are exposed to the wind; the streets aren't.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment / Hilarious in Hindsight: The movie bases its premise on the next Ice Age being caused by global warming. The record cold winter of late '09 / early '10 was pinned on global warming by some climatologists. It's known that global warming can cause a reduction in temperatures in the north, just not anywhere nearly as cold and fast as in the movie.
    • Tornadoes touched down briefly in Southern California in January 2010.
    • Depends which end of the political spectrum you're on, but the Vice President's comment about meeting with the head of FEMA as the film was released a year before Hurricane Katrina.
    • Seeing Manhattan flooded and battered by gale-force winds seems a lot grimmer to anyone who was in NYC for Superstorm Sandy.
    • It's been debated whether the North American Cold Wave of 2013-2014 was due to climate change, but many of the worst effects were uncomfortably reminiscent of the events depicted in the film.
  • Inferred Holocaust: As this video demonstrates, most of the Northern Hemisphere has become an Arctic wasteland, all surviving Americans have gone to Mexico, which won't be able to hold them all, leading to either an American uprising or Martial Law. Canada, Europe, and Russia are all stated or shown to have suffered a similar fate to the one depicted in the US, only worse (because they're further north). Europe is implied to have got hit particularly hard, as south for them would be the Mediterranean, so they were basically trapped. India and China aren't really mentioned but India at least (and parts of China) are probably far south enough the have escaped turning into an ice cube. So that's goodbye Europe (740 million), Russia (130 million), and Canada and most of the USA (call it 250 million?), plus an unknown amount of people in Asia and the victims of all the typhoons and tsunami around the world. It's not (quite) the end of the world, but you're looking at a death toll of at least a billion, possibly closer to 2 billion, with everything north of about 35' latitude now about as hospitable as the North Pole on a bad day.
    • And then you consider that the above list includes most of the world's core agricultural regions...
    • Potentially the fate of the astronauts trapped upon the International Space Station.
      • Not necessarily. There are a number of alternate landing sites for the Shuttle, some in the southern hemisphere. Their families, on the other hand...
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Some people watched the movie solely for the tornadoes in L.A.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The theme when Jake Gyllenhaal and his buddies go inside the Russian ship to look for medicines sounds exactly like the main theme from "Panic Room".
  • Visual Effects of Awesome / Special Effects Failure:
    • All the storm effects are incredible, especially the Wall of Water in Manhattan.
    • The only visual downside in the movie is the CGI wolves which, for the most part, lack detail/complexity in their rendering. But there are still some moments where the wolves look great, such as the shots of them walking/running through the stairs.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The global freezing stops at political frontiers.
  • What an Idiot: Many people over the course of the film. Most notably the Vice President, who dismisses Jack's advice they begin evacuating people, after he witnessed Los Angeles get destroyed by tornados.
    • Also the French woman that is more concerned about getting her passport than the fact that the streets are flooding and a huge wave is approaching.

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