YMMV: The Cycle of Hatred

  • Anvilicious: Racism is bad, m'kay.
    • It's also very heavily anti-sexism. That's a wonderful message but the book kind of gets obnoxious about it.
  • Purity Sue: Jaina. Although she has less of a role in Warcraft's story than the other faction leaders, in this book she's loved by absolutely everyone, Alliance and Horde. Her role in the alliance between the two factions at the end of the third game is debatedly overstated, and one character even goes so far as to call her the best leader in history.
  • Wangst: Aegwynn treats her life like this. Only a saint like Jaina wouldn't mention that all of her problems come from being a arrogant, condescending, power hungry bitch for most of her 1,000 years of life.