YMMV / The Crow: City of Angels

  • Complete Monster: Judah Earl is an occultist drug lord ruling over Los Angeles. A self-declared sadist who claims he visited Hell and liked what he saw, he turns his 'kingdom' into a nightmarish dystopia where people live in squalor, surrounded by depravity, and constantly in fear of being murdered by his gang. He floods the city with drugs so dangerous that they kill the users half the time. He executes one of his goons when the guy protests that there aren't enough return customers by dumping some of the drugs, as Judah would prefer to kill more people than make a profit. He orders the death of Ashe and his son because the boy happened to witness his operation, as well as any other innocents who do. When Ashe is resurrected and comes for him, Judah captures his crow and ritualistically impales it to steal its power. He proceeds to hang the now mortal Ashe from a lamp post in the middle of the street and tries to lash him to death in front of everyone, and kills Sarah when she intervenes. The enormous number of crows connected to his victims' souls who come for him indicate he's killed many dozens of people during his reign.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: This was Thuy Trang's final film before her death. It makes watching her death scene a little unnerving.
    • What makes it even more unsettling was that her character died from falling several stories and hitting her head on a parked car. Thuy Trang died from a car accident, so there you go.