YMMV / The Condor

  • Angst? What Angst?: His parents were just murdered and he has lost the use of his legs, but Tony livens up the instant Valeria comes to wheel him off at their funeral.
  • Better Than It Sounds Film
  • Complete Monster: Corrupt company partner Nigel Harrington and his mercenary, Taipan, are a despicable, greedy duo who kidnap the homeless and use Nigel's company chips to mentally enslave them. Giving them enhanced abilities, Nigel and Taipan have them commit crimes to test the chip, not caring that the chips burn their hearts out and kill them. Wishing for stronger test subjects, Nigel has Taipan kidnap skateboard enthusiasts, repeating the enslavement process on them. Upon his scheme being discovered by his business partners, Nigel has his mind-controlled pawns kill them to cover his secret. Luring his partners' son, Tony Valdez, to the scene of the crime, Nigel has him beaten and crippled; Taipan going on to manipulate Tony's cousin into setting Tony's house on fire. Attempting to sell their technology to terrorists, they do not care how it is used, as long as they profit. Having no loyalty to one another, Taipan kills Nigel to keep all the money herself.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: A few reviews of the film actually bring up the question of why Stan Lee didn't make Sammi the hero instead. The man himself even admits that maybe he should have done so in behind-the-scenes interviews.