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YMMV: The Company of Wolves
  • Freud Was Right
  • Narm - A mild example, but the Belgian sheepdogs used in most of the "wolf" scenes are still so obviously dogs that it can be a little tough to take them seriously. A few scenes, however, do use real wolves, and so they look much better in contrast. Should the movie ever be remade, they should use Tamaskan dogs in order to avoid this trope.
    • The special effects are extremely narmy.
  • Nightmare Fuel Painful Transformation - One of granny's stories is particularly graphic
  • One-Scene Wonder: Stephen Rea as the traveler husband in the first story and the actress who played the pregnant witch in the third.
  • Squick: The huntsman demands a kiss from the 12 year-old Rosaleen if she does not make it the cottage before he does. She doesn't.

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