YMMV: The Colony

Season 1

  • Fridge Logic: The colonists create a very lethal flamethrower for defense. It works great, and is a fantastic weapon. But who the hell are they going to use it on? Whether or not they are "role playing," they surely must realize that they can't actually kill a human for the show, right?
  • Jerkass Stu: Mike. He had just about everybody ready to throttle him at some point or another, but his mechanical skills gave the colony almost every comfort and convenience worth having, and his no-nonsense approach established priorities and needed tasks when most of the others had been scattering to their own less-than-vital projects.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Viewers criticizing the colonists for treating the contrived scenarios as though they were real, missing the point that the colonists are supposed to be roleplaying. There's also the fact that they weren't eating as well as they normally would. Malnutrition can do things to your mental state. Add to that the isolation, constant barrage of threats, non-stop problems, and daily battle for survival, and you've got a pretty good shot of something doing a number on your worldview. Immersion goes a long way.
  • Narm: "You're building a BOMB!!!"
    • Mike seemed to be pretty good at these. "I am not the leader. I'm just a BIG, DUMB, STUPID, MONKEY.
    • The raiders in Season one were not allowed to harm the contestants. But since the contestants don't know that the raiders are at more risk of being harmed. Leaving for the most part they seem to just make loud noises and run away.

Season 2

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: One episode has the colonists defending their home from a 20 strong crowd of invaders and driving them off.
  • Hell Is That Noise: That fire extinguisher starts to ring? Better protect the base.
  • Nightmare Fuel: After Sian leaves in the VOPA trucks, we can hear screaming, thumping, and a hissing gas noise overlaid on the sound track. Clearly she made the wrong choice.
    • Though it's also possible she was squealing with delight and kicking at the seats, but there's no way to really know
    • On a more general note, there's also your home being burnt right after you move houses, being kidnapped, and starvation.
  • Squick: In addition to the Wham Episode entry, the second episode had them carting rotting, maggot-infested pigs back to their compound to turn the fat into biodiesel. The colonists handling the pigs were about fit to vomit.