YMMV / The Child Thief

  • Too Dumb to Live: Pretty much everybody who doesn't figure out that Leroy is a bad apple (which, again, is everybody). Nick could have spoken up when he saved Danny and Cricket. When Leroy was accepted, Nick could have challenged Leroy instead of just focusing on his "hate" (as the text had already explained), when Leroy abandoned Nick, Nick could have made more of a point about it with everyone and told them EVERYTHING Leroy had done. Danny, Cricket and Nick all saw Leroy kill a fairy- an act Nick is almost killed for. Tagnost is so convinced Nick is the danger he doesn't bother to even question Leroy. The other kids know Leroy is a douche but never even give him a second thought. Essentially whenever it comes to Leroy, whoever he is interacting with holds a major idiot ball. Especially Nick who never thinks to speak up and defend himself aside from some weak yells of "I didn't do it" near the end of Part 3.