YMMV / The Boys

  • Anvilicious
  • Complete Monster:
    • Black Noir, the clone of Homelander, gleefully Eats Babies, commits murder-rapes, and eats hearts with a Slasher Smile. The villainy of the other two contenders for worst monster in the comic, Homelander and Butcher himself, was ultimately Black Noir's fault too. Black Noir drove Homelander insane by gaslighting him with the aforementioned atrocities so he would receive the sanction to kill him, which Noir thought was the only thing that gave his life meaning since he was created to kill Homelander. One of Black Noir's crimes was raping Butcher's wife Becky, which triggered Butcher's vendetta against superhumans.
    • John Godolkin, a twisted Expy of Professor Charles Xavier, runs his own private academy for "special" children. However, Godolkin simply kidnaps the children and convinces them they're special, never allowing them to go home again. The children are injected with a formula to give them powers and fill out Godolkin's many teams. However, between the ages of six and nine, Godolkin begins molesting the children and has the older children join in. Any who prove too troublesome are simply eliminated.
  • Crossing the Line Twice: Almost every issue.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: After reading several of the other tropes, is it really that hard to believe?
  • Fridge Horror: When Tek-Knight sent Laddio away to visit all the other super teams in a effort to keep himself from involuntarily raping the boy, he explicitly said to even visit the G-Men and all their spin-off teams. We never see Laddio again after that.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Being The Pollyanna, a former member of a youth team, and having light-burst powers and the word "star" in her name, Starlight could be considered an Alternate Company Equivalent of Starfire. At some point, the Vought-American PR folks decide to make her way more sexualized than she was before, because (according to them) that's what sells the merchandise. A few years later DC did exactly the same to Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws.
  • Love It or Hate It: You either enjoy the book for taking apart many myths of superhero genre and corporate policies behind them or you think it's an Author Tract from guy who hates superheroes and is trying too hard to be edgy.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Homelander casually kills the Muller family, who had won a car and a dinner with him, by dropping them from the sky, while belittling their beliefs, and telling them that the contest they won was a farce. He's later shown eating babies and hearts, though that turned out to actually be Black Noir.
  • Narm: Frequently played straight in-universe.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Issue 63: Homelander's face after he kills Queen Maeve and has Annie in his sights as a possible next target
  • Spiritual Successor: To Marshal Law and Alan Moore's superhero satires in Miracleman and Watchmen.
  • Squick
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: Some negative responses to the series argue that Marshal Law did it all before.
  • Wangst: Played with; many's the time that Wee Hughie's basically been told to shut the fuck up, stop moaning about things and just get over it by the other characters, and he does display a tendency to mope about and wallow in self-pity over the problems in his life. Then again, a lot of the people who are telling him this are themselves homicidal borderline-sociopaths who find it unsettlingly easy to shrug off various atrocities, so they probably aren't the best examples to follow in terms of getting in touch with your emotions.
    • Word of God says that this is intentional, partly because his introspective brooding and doubt is what allows Hughie to retain his humanity and thus ultimately stand out as the good guy amidst a crowd of violently sociopathic monsters, and also because, well, realistically everyone has character flaws that they're just incapable of getting over, and Hughie's just happens to be self-pity.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: So an American, a Brit, a Frenchman and a nostalgic Russian beat the shit out of a Nazi? Nah, I'm sure there's no deeper meaning to it... This was actually lampshaded in the scene itself. The Boys quite cheerfully inform Stormfront that, while yes, they are representing the Allies, they are going to let the beat down be done by a representative of the folks who did it to the Germans in 1945: Cue Love Sausage!