YMMV / The Bouncer

  • Cult Classic: The game.
  • Narm: Much of the dialogue, particularly anything said by Sion or Mugetsu.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Pressure-sensitive button commands for your attacks. You can change the sensitivity, but in the heat of battle, it takes quite a bit of practice to get down just how hard you need to press to initiate a certain combo.
    • Enemies get powered up based on how much experience the main characters spend on skills. Only the character you use gets experience. The issue is that, the way it is calculated means that if you try to use each character equally, the enemies quickly become a higher rank than all your characters. The only two really viable strategies are to only use one character, since the amount of experience used to power up one character completely doesn't raise the rank that much. The other approach is to spend almost no experience, outside the bare minimum to avoid raising the rank of the enemies at all. In both cases you power up the other characters by using them for the easy fights and not spending experience on them until you can max out all three characters. In addition, the rank of the unlocked characters is the enemy rank when you face them. So, until you max out all of the main characters and beat the game multiple times (since you can't unlock every character in one playthrough), including getting the Guide Dang It! characters, your unlocked characters will always be inferior to at least one of the main characters (unless you use the aforementioned level everyone evenly approach and somehow manage to beat most of the enemies). The character ranks and main character skill purchases always apply in multiplayer, which leads to the highest upgraded character being the best choice. By the way, this is a simplification of this mechanic.
  • That One Level: By far, the most aggravating level in the game is the Escort Mission where you try to get Dominique out of Mikado's building. Between the difficulty of the robot guards (who are extremely capable of repeatedly knocking the player down), the poor pathfinding ability on Dominique as well as her refusal to run from danger , and Dominique's near-nil stamina, it's extremely common to watch a robot knock down the player and proceed to turn Dominique into a punching bag, very quickly getting a Game Over. Even when the player has powered up enough to make short work of the robots, it's not uncommon for Dominique to run straight for another while you're finishing one up, making the player lose even though they were otherwise cruising through the level. Generally, the most popular way to clear the level is get Dominique trapped in an otherwise safe area early, clear through all of the robots, then go back to guide her to the exit, which is time-consuming even when the robots require few hits to go down.
  • Waggle: Due to the game's use of pressure-sensitive buttons, it ended up requiring an unnecessary amount of finesse with how hard you press buttons to execute many of the game's combos, and ultimately detracted from the game's overall experience. Ironically, it's almost at its worst when attempting to use a standard PlayStation 2 controller.