YMMV / The Boogeyman

  • Designated Hero: Lacey in the sequel. See What an Idiot below.
  • Sequelitis: The sequels border on being short films, and are padded out by footage from the previous installment(s) shoehorned in.
    • They also tend to forget certain plot points, right down to the third movie getting Lacey's name wrong, as well as her uncle and aunt's family affiliation, which the movie says it's her brother and sister.
  • Narm: Do we even need to explain this? Especially considering one of the silliest deaths is a boy getting crushed by a window.
    • Bonus points what follows after: Death by cabinet door.
  • No Budget: The second and third movies had no studio involvement on Lommel's request, and it shows, with it's heavy reliance on stock-footage, and the quality looking to be worse than the first film.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Ignoring the sequels, The Boogeyman qualifies for having some of the silliest death scenes in cinema. the most infamous of silliest deaths being this one.
  • What an Idiot: In the sequel, Lacey decided to keep that one mirror shard that was not destroyed, when she should know full well that it is capable of causing death onto people by merely shining light towards the victims! After all, she (somehow) knows about the lovers who were killed. That and it is capable of possessing people, something she has been a victim of! On top of this, she talks about the whole events (including a pointless dream sequence, and two series of deaths she could not have witnessed, let alone be able to explain in perfect detail) to a group of people who decided they wanted to make a movie about it. This ends up getting almost all of them killed by the Butler, who was possessed by the mirror shard Lacey kept. She even admitted to the audience that the mirror spirit was seeking revenge to those who dared to exploit it's story. So basically, in order to have prevented their deaths, she could have just simply kept quiet! Better yet, why not just destroy the remaining shard?!