YMMV / The Blood Waters of Dr. Z

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The entire hippie scene.
  • Narm: The entire opening speech is completely ridiculous, but clearly intended to sound sinister and foreboding. Maybe if the guy wasn't talking about "sarcasm fish" and how he loves them...
    "...and at just the right moment... ATTACK!"
    • Zaat's mannerisms and movement in general. It's quite obvious that the actor wearing the suit cannot see a goddamn thing, As a result, Zaat often does unintentionally hilariously things like tripping on random bits of scenery, failing to cross out pictures, having difficulty grasping objects within his immediate reach, and other achievements of hand-eye coordination failure. It's hard to take Zaat seriously when he's so visibly clumsy.
    • The brainless government officials, who initially call the bites that of a cat (?) or an ape (?!).
  • Special Effect Failure: Unless ol' Doc's monster form is supposed to make us laugh, it falls neatly into this category. He looks like Trumpy's reclusive uncle or something.
    • RedLetterMedia accuses George Lucas of ripping off Greedo from the film.
      • Though considering that the catfish-man looks quite like a slightly higher-budget version of the monster in "It's Alive!" by Larry Buchanan (he of Attack of the Eye Creatures fame), it might not be all that original to begin with...
    • Even Leopold himself points out that his monster form looks nothing like a catfish.
  • What An Idiot: A defining moment of Walter's stupidity; taking a dune buggy into a swamp where it can be stalled instead of following the other characters on the dry roads to the villain's lair.
    • To be fair, at this point the characters weren't 100% sure that Leopold and the fish monster were one and the same. Walter tracks the radioactive trail of the monster while the others go right to Leopold's hideout to confirm that the two are the same person by ending up at the same place, or he was hoping to head the monster off at the pass.
    • Of course, the sheriff tops this by forgetting he has a gun.
    • "A giant walking catfish is killing people? Well, it probably doesn't have anything to do with that super-creepy scientist who wanted to turn men into fish."
    • To his credit, Walter gives the Sheriff a "We Could Have Avoided All This" response.