YMMV / The Big Showdown

  • Awesome Music: That rocking, rollicking theme- thank you, Score Productions!
  • Funny Moments: The one moment Showdown is remembered for is also the only full episode of the series to exist on video during Peck's introduction on the 67th episode (March 25, 1975), he slipped and fell on the spiral staircase to laughter from the audience and himself. He later kicked the offending stair, then remarked that one of the day's contestants dubbed it "The Big Falldown". As Peck recalled in this 2008 interview:
    "...instead of just walking through the curtain or being thrown on the podium, we had a set where it was thought it would be a wonderful idea to have me coming down a spiral staircase. ... I at one point hit the wrong part of that stair and went right on my butt and bounced all the way down the stairs. I said something that got a laugh and I thought: "Oh, I better keep going. If the producer wants to stop, that's up to him." So I got up and continued, and the producer was sitting up in the booth and said: "Oh, that was a wonderful moment. Jim is fine. They loved it so let's leave it in." That was actually just on the air about a week ago again on one of the blooper shows. And the nice thing about it is, that they still send me a check. It hurt my feelings at the time and other parts of my anatomy, but it's nice to get that."
  • Moment of Awesome: The first $10,000 winner, on the 100th episode (May 9, 1975). According to those who have seen it, the winner was a young African-American lady who left with not only $10,900, but also the Show-Down dice (given by Peck as a souvenir).